April 14, 2024


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What is a healthy diet for a dog? Have they always eaten a diet rich in animal protein, or is it possible for dogs to thrive on a vegan diet?

Dogs can be vegan if fed the proper diet. Pet food startup Wild Earth has developed a dog food that contains all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs to obtain from diet. Watch the video to find out more!

For more info on Wild Earth products:

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26 thoughts on “What Is A HEALTHY DIET For A DOG?

  1. The dog at 3:03 looks exactly like my late dog Winnie. She was very ill and suffering so we had to put her down earlier this year. She was a pretty unique-looking dog she was a chihuahua x Italian Greyhound mix.

  2. Alicia Silverstone’s revue gone vegan dogs made it to 26 years old.
    My dogs are vegan 6 plus years.
    My vet said “ I’ll never make money off your dog”
    My dogs gets every org fruit and veggie, certain grains, nuts, seeds,
    Every second day vegan dog food and lots of sun, laughs, exercise.

  3. Please research DCM when deciding what to feed your dog. Our Boxer died from DCM after eating a lentil based homemade vegan diet (with supplements).

  4. I fed my Puppy V Dog and home cooked vegan food for a year , twice his bloods came back as low in protein, didn't know what to do, he stopped eating the vegan foods , but loved dried sweet potato that's all he would eat, out of desperation tried him on regular dog foods, they made him sick, i introduced slowly, now he has a bad rash from a chicken and veg dog food, going to go back to his vegan regime, I'm so worried he wont eat it. Any advice welcome. Also tried all other vegan kibbles available in Australia , he didn't like them.

  5. Many varieties of dog food have been tested and found to contain pentobarbitol, a drug used to euthanize dogs and cats in animal shelters. They send their dead bodies to rendering plants, and then process them into pet food. Vegan diets can be very healthy for dogs. Bramble, a vegan dog, lived to be 25 and won the Guinness Book World Record for the oldest dog. https://www.cleanlabelproject.org/pentobarbital/

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