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What Is Vaser Liposuction And How Does It Work?

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What Do We Mean By Lipoplasty?

Liposuction is medically known as Lipoplasty. It is a process by which the fat is broken down and aspired out from the various part of the patient's body mostly in the abdomen, chest, knees, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and back portions of the arms. There are various techniques for Lipoplasty one of which is ultrasonic lipoplasty, as developed by VASER.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates?

Lipoplasty helps to attain tight skin within a short span of time. The suitable candidates for the surgery should be in good health and physically fit with good skin elasticity. Ideally the candidate must be 20-25 pounds overweight.

What Is The Procedure?

Traditional process of emulsification of fat was done with the help of cannula, where it is poked into the selective part of the patient's body to remove the excess fat. The fat breaks down in a faster way by using the Ultrasound than that of the traditional method. Vaser is released in a form of vibration, bursting the walls of fat cells emulsifying it in a buttery liquid and finally aspiring out from the vacuum device. Local asnasthesia is used on the outpatient candidates, allowing them to go home on the same day the surgery has taken place. Prior to the surgery the patient's selective body part is filled with special wetting or super wetting solution that helps to keep the area numb, shrinking of the blood vessels to achieve less blood loss during the procedure.

What Are The Advantages Of This Procedure?

The advantage and aim of the surgery are removing unwanted fat from any body parts without any damages caused to organs, tissues, blood vessels or skin necrosis. Although it is a faster technique for body contouring, it helps the patient in quick recovery too. Vaser Liposuction is a minimal invasive surgery with minimal swelling, bruising, blood loss and pain during the whole process of body contouring. The patient gets the surgical benefit for treatment of large areas of fat, accessed and removed from the patient's body.

What Are The Complications Faced?

This surgery uses high ultrasonic energy for treatment of emulsification of fat which may cause a second or third degree of burn or few weeks of numbness over the treated area. Few other drawbacks of Vaser Lipoplasty noticed are that no skin tightening leading to saggy skin, a slight bit more of bleeding and a long process of recovery. The outcome of the body contouring can be pleasing and safe if the surgeon is verified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. It is safer to check the credential of the doctor and reviews by the other treated patients by him.

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