May 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Why Your Cellulite is NOT a Flaw

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30 thoughts on “Why Your Cellulite is NOT a Flaw

  1. Thinking your body is flawed because society invented it as a flaw is mind control that society inflicts us with but no one should be convinced into thinking they have an inferior body that is a problem that needs to be fixed instead of beautiful and awesome for just what it is. 😘😊😚

  2. Nobody ever told me to hate cellulite; I've did it all on my own cos honestly is nasty and hideous.
    Now real beauty somehow is no longer adequate because all of you fatties won't shut up.

  3. Anyone else notice that all the examples she used, including the athlete that at the time of those photos, were overweight…

  4. i’m 19 and i have cellulite, but i usually don’t mind it. once, when i was at a family pool party, my young cousin ava saw my cellulite and said “are you a mermaid?” and i said “yes, why?” and she said “because you have waves on your legs.” while pointing to my cellulite and i swear i almost fucking cried happy tears in the pool

  5. For women who think that you can get rid of cellulite by losing weight:
    -when I had an eating disorder, I had cellulite.
    -now that I'm in recovery, I still have cellulite.
    Summary: cellulite is natural, it is hot af, and so are you.

  6. I just subscribed because you helped me get over me thinking that cellulite was bad and I cant even find confidence to wear shorts or anything showing my thighs but now I know it's something natural❤ thank you so much I wish I could like this 100000s of times because you deserve it love youuu❤ I know see my cellulite as beauty😩❣

  7. Personally, I find cellulite attractive. It's something mostly women have, so to me it looks very feminine and pretty. I love the texture of it and the aesthetic. Your cellulite looks gorgeous, btw. Plus, each woman's cellulite is like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two are alike, your thighs have their own unique and beautiful cellulite pattern. This was a great video, btw, I love the body positivity of it, I find it just weird that women are shamed for having cellulite, when it's a very natural, feminine, and beautiful thing that as I see it enhances a woman's beauty.

  8. Market that T shirt with "Cotton Candy, My Little Pony Lookin' Bitch" written on the front. Donate the $ to your favorite feminist cause 😉

  9. Megan you are gorgeous inside and out! I LOVE your hair and your my little pony T-Shirt!! People who hate are narrow minded and have their own issues, I feel sorry for them. Keep on glowing girl, keep on sparkling for all women everywhere! x x x

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