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Written Expositions Through Country Music Videos' Elements

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
– Buckminster Fuller

Some contemporary innovative approaches that are substantial for students' enthusiastic engagement are guided writing tasks attuned to celluloid that exists in the YouTube. These endow the employment of springboards to discover learning concomitant with visuals and sound components specifically, the streaming YouTube's English country music videos. With the nature of these materials, technology and multimedia forms are crucial instruments in facilitating the performance of these writing projects. In here, these types of writing are perceived as rewriting thoughts for they have been constructed for public entertainment prior to their innovation as possible tools for listening -viewing and writing instructions. This recommendation could serve varied levels of language learners dependent on how teachers interplay the tasks with correspondingly prepared expected learning outcomes aligned with specific a language program.

To language educators, this concept attempts to encourage instructional materials design through the application of modern-day springboards to demonstrate updated creativity and media literacy with the incorporation of simple forms of accessible instructional tools available at any educational institutions they are affiliated with.

To the learners, aside from the relevance of motivation that triggers them in performing the activities, this suggestion endeavors to enhance their thinking skills alongside the manipulation of language and trending forms of technologies.Out of their viewing and listening skills reinforced by the country music video's visual and spoken texts, written outputs are going to be probably achieved.

Country music videos seem to be pedagogically inept, but inside teachers' innovation, there are prolific features embedded in them that can be informatively significant. Composers of these songs usually use simple languages ​​conveying countless accounts from the finest experiences down to the worst adversities of human lives that are easily comprehended by listeners. Their visual properties and auditory effects are strengthened by the themes and tones contained in lyrics. Thus, with the characteristics they possess, they could be promising instruments to adopt learning techniques knowing that these springboards for teachers' instructional designs may favorably indicate the type of teaching approaches.

As end products of this pragmatic strategy, facilitated by guided instructions, the students are expected to complete three writing projects, namely: scripting the video, sequencing events writing and creating lyrics out of its original text.

In scripting the video, the students' are expected to write a script based exactly on the sequence of elements that are taking place. It includes its technical and contextual compositions. Likewise, this task may employ the simple present tense as a language target.It attempts to produce its original presentation to the audience in script forms.

Secondly, in sequencing events writing, the students are expected to come up with a story based from the actions that occurred in the video. They have to connect every scene sequentially to derive an acceptable story. It will not include its technical presentation and elements. This task relies on mixed simple tenses to express what story is being transmitted by the video to its viewers. The output follows a composition comprising series of indented paragraphs introduced by a modified title.

Lastly, in creating lyrics, the students write stanzas out of what they heard from the original version. They are going to transcribe or obtain a copy of its original version for review. From the version examination, with the aid of the visual and spoken text, exposures- yielding awareness to its themes are expected to have been for the construction of their personalized lyrics closely alluding to what the original piece conveys to its audience. The writing activity employs infinitives as focus. Other than that, the students should follow the number of lines from the original lyrics and observe the proper rudiments of structuring rhyme scheme.

The modified script writing

Specific objectives

• Goggle or surf the URL of the video.
• Watch the video's visual contents and carefully listen to its lyrics.
• Note relevant details.
• Analyze the noted details.
• Record all the elements that are presented.
• Write a script of a music video presenting all relevant components.
• Describe exactly every element that appeared onscreen.
• Use the present simple verbs in your script.


Identify the mixed elements that are essential. Camera works such as low angle, high angle, far shot, tight-two shot, close shot, close up, long shot, dissolve to, fade in, fade out, Identify shifting transitions and effects, characters, descriptions of the characters, clothes they wear, setting, specific movement that they do, expressions on how they do it, chronology of events taking place, shifting scenes and accompanying lines from the lyrics of the video instead of dialogues as well as additional featured sound. These elements are ordered according to how they are presented in a form of a simplified script. There is no limit on the length of the text for it would depend on the number of words to be used in presenting its elements. It is expected that teachers using this strategy may have discussed and specifically deliberated styles and formats prior to the performance of this particular task.

The Sequenced events writing

Specific objectives

• Google or surf the video's URL to arrive at a specific link.
• Download the video from the YouTube.
• Copy the lyrics and note some details as comprehension guide.
• Note the sequence of events taking place.
• Watch and listen to its visual and auditory elements.
• Analyze its dominant theme / s.
• Order the noted events to create a story.
• Use three simple tenses to convey your story.


Watch the events while you take down notes. Download the video for its accessibility by creating a file to be saved in your own computer. Be watchful of its visual elements and observe essential auditory components. You may need an outline to sequence the events in the manner that they will form a story based from its dominant theme. Stick to the theme of the music video as basis of creating the tone of your story. Retell the story by using the three simple tenses of verbs. The number of paragraphs should tally with the number of stanzas from the song's lyrics.

The lyrics writing

Specific objectives

• Google the URL of the piece.
• Download the video from the YouTube.
• Find an exact transcription of its lyrics.
• Read and analyze the theme / s conveyed.
• Produce an outline of your composition to produce a guide.
• Write lyrics alluding to the theme of the piece.
• Relate the theme to the tone by using appropriate vocabularies.
• Create an acceptable rhyme scheme of your lyrics.
• Use verbals in delivering thoughts.


Listen to the lyrics of the video. It is recommended that you transcribe or surf a copy of the song to be analyzed while going through its visual and auditory elements. Do not use vocabularies found from the lyrics. Be original. Focus attention to the theme of the music video when composing your lyrics. It is also suggested that you relate the theme of the piece with the vocabularies that are to be manipulated. Consider the rhyme scheme and the employment of verbals (gerund, infinitive and participial) as among the major criteria. Apply any forms of rhyme scheme. The number of stanzas should be the same as that of the initial lyrics. Teachers' prior presentation of rhyme scheme is significant in accomplishing this task, or it is assumed that the students have been given background through studies on introduction to literature.

Further Pedagogical implications of tasks

Independent style of learning could create collaborative atmosphere demonstrating different methods of interaction. It is recommended that these activities are to be performed in groups so that the outputs may vary upon presentations. It is also perceived that these activities can yield speaking skills wherein some students may turn their outputs into PowerPoint presentations for group discussions enabling interchange of ideas that might as well serve as concluding point, not to mention their appreciation that may have surfaced along the process. Furthermore, the teacher might as well assign another formerly taught language focus for them to manipulate in exploring the said activities- perhaps, introducing speaking activities.

In some cases, the groups, who will choose lyrics construction, may deliver a poetry recital out of it as they match background music to synchronize the tone and theme of what they have created. Other groups may render songs with the tune of the original music. Some could tell a story while others simulate inner thoughts found in the piece. It is also possible that those who have opted to write a story may present in forms of sketched or drawn cartoons that they can project onscreen or on the board to be shared. Likewise, some advanced level students may form a printed quotation to be posted or flashed before the class as they deliberate to summarize what the story is all about. Performance of the language may emerge in multiple unexpected styles from motivated students.

Through these tasks, students present their ideas manipulating assigned grammar focuses with the support of other languages ​​that they have acquired. In terms of the skills that they have to be engaged with to process the springboards; viewing, listening, reading and writing skills are anticipated to be stimulated. Speaking can be further emphasized base upon teachers' discretion once the outputs are created.

The viewing and the listening skills nowadays are playing key roles among learners when audio-visual materials are presented as stimuli for knowledge absorption. As a result of technology and media's advent, mass media forms are growing into fruition appearing as promising materials before the perception of innovative teachers. With its prolific growth, the need to watch while listening is crucial especially when celluloid is involved. In the viewing skills, students are tasked to recognize visuals as they assimilate obtained ideas that are going to be reinforced by the sound in forms of dialogues and musical scoring alongside other related sounds that hint learners to be able to confirm and solidify thoughts. In the listening skills to be particular, the students will be given the opportunities to obtain wide variety of information, recognize words, phrases, sentences from the dialogues and to examine how they relate with each other to form meanings. Test of comprehension through listening can be demonstrated while they approach the materials to frame specific activities assigned to them.

Reading skills' rudiments, on the other hand, is also to be applied here. The lyrics of the song although presented in literary style can contribute to the development of reading comprehension. Literal, interpretative and critical comprehensions are needed to be able to form a story and compose personal lyrics based from the original version. At this stage, the students will be directed to connect all the elements together to be soon expressed in written forms.

Likewise, writing skill could be well emphasized here as a part of learning since the expected upshots are purely written works. Integrating all the ideas that they have discovered from viewing, listening to reading is going to unify varied ideas in the writing tasks. Along the way, they will be able to come up with brainstormed ideas to be denoted by note -taking and outlining as preparations for the written expressions.

The tasks will be assigned by the presence of objectives. Objectives for particular instructions are highly needed to indicate students' performance of given activities. Formulated behavior outcomes are to be emphasized in a way that they have to suffice ascending degree of order thinking skills with corresponding sub-skills. Other objectives may not have been specifically stated but are implied sideways students' involvement of the activities. These objectives may be classified in terms of cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domains where students are made to think as they connect ideas through comprehension, perform activities to be able to obtain a source of ideas, structure and construct outlines, appreciate the value of the materials that facilitate learning and they can determine the significance of accomplishing learning activities through collaboration and cooperation should they be distributed into groups. The specified learning behaviors are expectations that could be exhibited by learners among other attitudes that can probably define behavioral outcomes in manipulating country music video as a catalyst in showcasing writing performance.

Additionally, the tasks stated were not just merely for language instructions but for other current knowledge which every student must learn-that is the integration of simple technology to facilitate the steps, which primarily aims to inculcate digital awareness. The students will not be spoon-fed to accomplish the tasks, but rather, they will be asked to perform other measures to be able to obtain related material that they have to manipulate.

Finally, emerging instructional materials have the properties to redirect the mode and contents of teaching strategies. It is then the teacher's responsibility to be flexible enough in designing tasks attuned to institutionally mandated objectives, course syllabi, outlines and delivery plans that comprise the curriculum being followed.

Source by Marvin Wacnag Lidawan

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