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Get Rid Cellulite

BIKINI BODY HACKS You NEED To Know | Cellulite, Razor Bumps, Body Acne !

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Bikini Body Hacks you need to know ! My body care routine! How to remove cellulite, remove razor bumps, remove body acne fast!
Products Used My MUST HAVES for Summer:
1. Cellu-cup:
2. Body shop tea tree cleanser:
3. Warming Charcoal Cleanser:
4. Jergen’s Tanning lotion:
5. Tanning mit used:
6. Physicians Formula Argan Wear Argan Oil:


Natural deodorant: NATIVE DEODORANT HERE:
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49 thoughts on “BIKINI BODY HACKS You NEED To Know | Cellulite, Razor Bumps, Body Acne !

  1. Love it <3 There is one book that I love, it's about body positivity and it's SO uplifting! It's called ''The art of accepting your flaws: Body positivity. Love Yourself: Your guide to loving your perfectly imperfect body'' by author Florence Mitchell. It's available on Kindle on Amazon. I highly recommend it to everyone

  2. Hi I just would like to know are you Greek or something because your rubbing alcohol was in Greek and I know that because I'm Greek. Please answer me if you can ❤❤

  3. This is so helpful! Thank you so much, I went and followed all your stuff 😂 you just got yourself a new subscriber ❤️❤️

  4. Won’t your bed get oily if you put oil on yourself before you go to bed? But good idea. I like your thinking! Perhaps I should wear pantyhose to bed with this hack?!

  5. Your hacks are always the best! Easy and so clever <3
    One thing: a lot of water wasted as you were showing the hacks and let the water run. Water is precious and we all have to be careful not wasting

  6. “We all have bikini bodies” That’s right.Remember:tall,short,skinny,curvy we all are beautiful.It’s the society the one That’s ugly

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