May 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Cellulite Talks|Full Day Of Eating!

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27 thoughts on “Cellulite Talks|Full Day Of Eating!

  1. Has anyone tried Femalix Secrets? (search on google) We've heard several awesome things about this popular cellulite reducer secrets.

  2. Jazz thank you so much for this cellulite talk I’m very self conscious about this too seriously does take dedication to atleast fade somewhat of the cellulite I been going to the gym for 2 years and it has very progressed ALOT not fully gone but does take time trust the PROCESS! I appreciate that someone fit doesn’t mean they do not have cellulite I did always think that but now I’m beginning to realize we all have something that we struggle with whether that be cellulite ,shredding,bulking something we are not perfect!

  3. I always watch Heidi! So glad I found your YouTube channel! 1st video I’ve watched & I’m already hooked! 😊💕👍🏽 new subbie here! It’s hard being Mexican lol I grew up with all that stuff too & still till this day it gets hard to eat super clean living in a Mexican household. I’m sure you will be seeing many comments from me 😁

  4. I appreciated the cellulite talk, we all need to hear that, especially coming from someone who is in the fitness industry. ❤️ you look amazing regardless!

  5. I got a pair of Alpalete shorts for Christmas that i STILL haven't worn simply because i felt like my legs weren't cut enough for them but now cause of this video I'm gonna wear them tomorrow!!

  6. I have the same problem, ayyyyyyy girl! Cellulite or not, you’re gorgeous! One thing that helps mine along with working out and eating good is my foam roller! I make sure to roll my legs everyday and I notice a difference in my cellulite! =)

  7. Hey girl!! First off, love you! Lol I saw you mentioned IBS – I was having super bad bloating and was super irregular and had some pain when I ate (was never diagnosed with IBS) BUT I started taking digestive enzymes with 3 meals and it’s helped me TREMENDOUSLY I literally rarely bloat… and I’m so regular. Not sure if you’ve ever looked into them 🙂 i take the Alaninu brand and it’s been life changing for me personally. Even on my period I don’t bloat as bad! Anyway just thought I’d mention this! Also I FEEL YA on the genetics and growing up in a Latino house hold, literally if we’re not eating a lot at every family gathering people think there’s something wrong with you 😂 love the food and culture but I can totally relate on that… tortillas, carne guisada, mole, Arroz, frijoles, etc 😂💖💖

  8. Cellulite is genetics, period. You can eat healthy your hole life, you still have cellulite if its genetics. I dont think beacause you ate to much tacos as a kid.

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