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Cheek Liposuction – What Are the Costs, Risks, and Alternative Solutions?

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Cheeks are among the first noticeable things when people smile. Round and chubby cheeks look cute on babies and toddlers, but definitely not on adults. This is why a lot of adults are very self-conscious about how their cheeks look because they fear becoming the laughingstock of their friends. And that’s not something to smile about, is it?

Buccal fat, which refers to the fat at the lower area of the cheeks, is the root of all miseries of those who suffer from the so-called chipmunk cheeks or chubby cheeks. Some people resort to surgical procedures to get rid of the buccal fat from their cheeks. The surgery is known as cheek liposuction, which is also known as cheek reduction surgery and buccal fat removal.

Cheek liposuction aims to make the cheeks smaller and more contoured by removing the buccal fat. Usually completed within one hour, cheek liposuction is performed by creating an incision between the cheeks and gums, forcing the buccal fat to come out through the incision, removing the buccal fat, and closing the incision.

Cheek liposuction has become a popular cosmetic procedure these days. But is it a wise decision to go under knife to enhance your cheeks? You have to be aware of the costs and risks of this procedure before anything else.


How much will it cost you to undergo cheek liposuction? It depends on your surgeon and your desired results. The cost also varies according to the hospital or surgical center. Usually, the price falls between $1,500 and $5,000. This price range includes only the surgeon’s costs and not the miscellaneous ones.

Because cheek liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure, many medical insurance companies do not cover it. Many surgeons, though, offer flexible payment plans to patients.


The two most common risks involved in cheek liposuction are unpleasant reactions to anesthesia and wound infection. Swelling and bruising on the incision area may occur for about a week following the buccal fat removal. Patients also experience numbness in the area surrounding the incision lines, jawline, and the middle of the cheeks.

If you undergo cheek liposuction in your mid-20s, your face will tend to thin out as you age. This may lead to a scrawny look on your face later on, not to mention the visible incisions and scars on your cheeks. The procedure may also make it hard for you to chew food.


Surgery is a complicated and risky method to improve the appearance of the cheeks. Are there other options for getting rid of chubby cheeks, you might wonder. Fortunately, there are safer, simpler, and natural alternatives to cheek liposuction. And the best thing about them is that they cost you nothing! You will not have to spend thousands of dollars just to achieve the look you desire. These alternatives include the following:

  • Performing facial exercises
  • Drinking adequate amount of water
  • Keeping a balanced diet
  • Avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates, fats, and salt
  • Controlling alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Weight training
  • Using blushing and other makeup techniques to make cheeks appear smaller

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