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Different types of dark circles and how almond oil can help reduce them

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Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Dark circles are a skin condition that can happen to people belonging to any age group. There are various reasons that can lead to dark circles such as stress, improper sleeping habits and poor diet. Today we see a lot of people burdened with tremendous work pressure. This affects their sleep cycle and causes dark circles. Continuous stares at smartphones and laptops can also lead to stubborn dark circles.

Sometimes people get confused between the different types of dark circles and opt for the wrong treatment. This increases the problem and takes a longer time to cure the issue. To understand the treatment for dark circles, it is important to assess the specific type. Once a person is able to determine the type of dark circle, choosing the treatment becomes easy and quick.

Types of Dark Circles

Dark circles can be broadly classified under three types – vascular, pigmented and shadowed. Let’s study them in detail!

Vascular Dark Circles

These dark circles are caused when there is poor blood circulation around the eye region. A healthy lymphatic system helps to eliminate the pigments in the blood that circulates around the eye area. A poor lymphatic system is unable to do that and the pigments get accumulated under our eyes. This leads to vascular dark circles.

Pigmented Dark Circles

When our skin is unable to produce an adequate amount of melanin, it can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Whether it is overproduction of melanin or restricted production, both conditions can lead to pigmented dark circles. These dark circles are mostly brown in colour and it makes the face look dull.

Shadowed Dark Circle

When the under-eye area sinks or gets swelled up, it can lead to shadowed dark circles. This happens in cases relating to ageing or weight loss. If the eyes look puffy or hollow, the dark circle is called a shadowed dark circle.

Best Ingredient to Prevent Dark Circles

Among various products recommended for dark circles, almond oil has topped the list with its fast and effective curing capacities. You can use almond oil for dark circles as it is a natural ingredient that helps to soothe the skin. It is best to use almond oil for dark circles as it moisturises the area around the eye and reduces dryness.

Natural ingredients are safe and are known for treating skin problems effectively. Almond oil is one such ingredient that can be used to treat a lot of skin issues, dark circles being one of them. It is a source of vitamin E and an effective emollient. Here are few tricks that can be followed while applying almond oil for dark circles:

  • Applying almond oil on the dark circles before going to sleep every night will help to gradually reduce the dark circles.
  • Use a cotton pad to dab the almond oil gently around the eye, do not be rough while applying almond oil as it can irritate the eyes.
  • You can use almond oil for dark circles along with honey by making a pack. Applying this pack twice a week will work effectively on the dark circles.

Almond oil is considered an effective treatment against any type of dark circles. While applying almond oil for dark circles, mixing it with other natural ingredients such as milk or rose water is also considered safe. So, instead of going for a chemical product for the eye area, it is highly recommended to use natural ingredients like almond oil that have no side effects at all. Moreover, there are many products infused with the goodness of natural almond oil, making it a great alternative for your dark circles.

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