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Essential Oils For Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can be a major operation and can take a considerable amount of time for the body to recover. Invasive surgery especially around the face, can make the patient feel self conscious about their appearance if the procedure has resulted in a lot of bruising and swelling. Thankfully, aromatherapy oils can be used to help the skin heal quicker and even respond better to surgery.

As with many things, preparation is key to success. Skin that has been prepared in advance with essential oils always gets better results in any surgery. Wounds and cuts heal more quickly, scar tissue is minimised and the production of vigorous new cells is sped up. In the case of nose surgery, which is one of the most common operations, the bruising disperses much more quickly. Essential oils are highly antiseptic acting to keep the tissues healthy and stop any secondary infection.

It is recommended using essential oils before and after surgery for maximum benefits.

Essential oils are more effective if used immediately after the scars have formed, though the oil should be applied only around the scar until a scab has formed. They can also help old scar tissue, though the process is then rather slower.

Surgery face oil

– Mix 3% essential oils of juniper, lavender and neroli in a jojoba base. Apply twice daily into the skin with a massaging motion.

This face oil is best used before and after undergoing surgery. This facial oil can also be used for scarring from non-surgical procedures.

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