May 17, 2024


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GM Diet – Jump Start Your Weight Loss

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Every now and again, each one of us seems to put on the few extra pounds and our sides start looking like “Jabba the Hutt”. Yes, the love handles, the flabby fat near the arms or thighs and more unsightly developments are a natural progression from excess fat. The point here is not to make you bad and take drastic steps to correct your appearance with cosmetic procedures. We are all beautiful, but we need to work hard to realise the potential of our beauty. And surprisingly, for most us, this can be achieved simply by changing our lifestyle to one where we exercise regularly and have a healthy diet.

So, what does a healthy lifestyle imply? Does it mean spending hours in the gym daily and eat only lean food all the time? No, certainly not. There is no need for torturing yourself in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Always remember, a healthy lifestyle is one where you are, first and foremost, comfortable. You must find the balance in your daily routine to include these two important aspects. After all, even the CEOs of most the valuable companies follow such rigorous routine. To take an actual example, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple goes to the gym every morning after getting up at 4 AM. That’s the kind of the dedication to a healthy lifestyle that enables you to deal with other stressful activities of your daily routine.

Coming back to our mere mortal lives, the question stands, how can we live a balanced life? The answer is set your goals, clear and measurable goals. So start off with identifying your ideal weight by getting your BMI or Body Mass Index, checked from a physician or even a rough check online somewhere. Being overweight or obese is the root cause for a majority of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and other age-related ailments.

To address the issue around weight loss, you must follow a fixed routine of eating healthy and exercising regularly. To start with the diet, you may want to mix and match. Once every month, follow the week-long ” GM Diet“. This week-long diet really provides a boost to your weight loss goals. In some cases, it is believed to have helped people lose up to 7 kilograms in a week. This implies a loss of up to 12 to 14 pounds. However, do not try this diet plan for more than once a month. Choose a medium to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise routine like Pilates, cross trainer, running etc. to complement this diet plan. Ultimately, this routine has to be carried through for at least six months for the body to get used to the new weight and metabolism. If you stop during the course, make sure it’s not for a long period. This can have negative effects as the body may go back to its older state. Hopefully, these tips help you out in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Be healthy and lead a happy life.

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