May 17, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Goodbye Cellulite – Nivea Cream Review – Pro’s and Con’s

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This cream first emerged on the Tyra Banks show when Tyra challenged several women guests on the show to try Nivea for a specific period of time and then to come back and report there results. Tyra gave each of the girls a small bottle of the Goodbye Cellulite Nivea Cream and sent them on their way. When the women came back from the challenge to share their results all the women seemed to have visibly tighter and smoother skin. However, does this mean the cream actually works? Or were these women wearing a lot of heavy makeup on their skin before they came out on the show to hide their cellulite?

Well, this is the same question that several of Tyra’s at home viewers had to ask. They wanted to know if it was a hoax or if this Goodbye Cellulite Nivea Cream actually worked. Well, the real people reviews about the Nivea cellulite cream have been mixed. The women that do see results claim that the cream has helped in firming up their skin, and claim that it works better than some of the more expensive creams they have bought in the past.

However, other users have had less positive things to say about this cream. They have complained about the smell of the product and other’s talk about how it is hard to remember to use the cream every day so they don’t see any results. Other women claim that while the Goodbye Cellulite Nivea cream has worked to firm their skin up a bit, it has done nothing for their cellulite issues.

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