July 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

How To get Rid of Cellulite + Thigh Gap

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38 thoughts on “How To get Rid of Cellulite + Thigh Gap

  1. gonna do this workout everyday for 1 week, i will update with results!.(i’m also ok a low sugar and low carb diet idk if that will effect my results)
    day 1: this workout was INTENSE i could not even walk down my stairs after it. i recommend doing stretches after this, or any work out

  2. 1. Leg Raise (Right)
    2. Pulse (Right)
    3. Leg Raise (Left)
    4. Pulse (Left)
    5. Backwards Circle (Right)
    6. Backwards Circle (Left)
    7. Forward Circle (Left)
    8. Forward Circle (Right)
    9. Inside Leg Raise (Right)
    10. Inside Leg Raise (Left)
    11. Fire Hydrant Kick (Right)
    12. Fire Hydrant Kick (Left)
    13. Frog Bridge
    14. Diamond Kicks
    15. Butterfly Stretch
    👑45 Seconds Each💪

  3. Omg 😭 My legs are on 🔥 your body is amazing 🙌🏾😩 I know it took a lot of consistency, dedication and hard work. The simplicity of this workout is genuis and is so helpful for women with children that can't always go to the gym. Earning a beach body right in my living room! Thank you beautiful for sharing and getting straight to the point ❤

  4. I LOVE YOUR HAIR, it’s beautiful. Please tell me where you order from? Btw I actually follow a few of your workouts and have noticed results within just 3 weeks. My waist is slimmer and butt is rounder. I wish I could post before/after pics in the comments bc I’m so proud of my progress. Thanks for the simplicity!

  5. Giiirlll, i've done this workout literally THREE times with few rest days and I can actually feel that my legs are a little bit more sculpted!! Which didnt really happen after any other workout on other girl's channels. I won't stop doing this workout, for sure! I'll make an update soon <3.

  6. Omg my legggggssss I’m doing theses with you my legs are killing me so I close my eyes like ok I should have about 3 seconds left open eyes 39 seconds left 😩😩😩😩😩 I GOT THIS THOUGH

  7. A quick question.. does this workout help you GET thigh gap or GET RID of thigh gap? I'm trying to grow thicker, I don't want to lose my progress 😅

  8. i felt most of the workouts on the outer parts of my thighs and on my butt. Is this the point or am I doing something wrong? pls answer

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