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Keeping You Healthy – Acupuncture?

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You may ask What is Acupuncture?

The word “acupuncture” means to prick with a needle. It is a technique of inserting and manipulating fine threadlike needles into certain points on the anatomy to relieve pain for a healing objective. As stated by the traditional Chinese medical principle, acupuncture points are located on meridians which are pathways in the body where vital energy and your chi is believed to flow. There is no known reason or foundation for the specific points or meridians. Acupuncture is said to balance ones body – your yin and yang. They use it because sickness is thought to be an imbalance of yin and yang which can block you chi along the pathways.

Can Spokane Acupuncture Really Keep You Healthy?

It has been in active scientific research since the late 20th century, but it is still controversial between Western medical researchers and clinicians. It is difficult to create good, solid studies of acupuncture. Some studies show that as a treatment it can be described through the placebo effect meaning, its all psychological and it only works because you believe it works. Other studies propose that Spokane acupuncture can be effective in treatment of specific conditions. They have looked into:

– Whether it works for specific health conditions, similar to chronic back pain, headache, and osteoarthritis of the knee
– How it might work, such as what happens in the brain during treatment
– Ways to better recognize and understand the possible neurological properties or meridians and chi points
– Methods and tools for improving the quality of the research.

There is a universal agreement with the health organizations the acupuncture is safe when administered by a well-trained professional using sterile needles, but further research is needed.

So finally, acupuncture could work for your health if you psychologically believe that Spokane Acupuncture will work, or you could just try spokane acupuncture for fun, but in the end the best way to stay healthy is the stay in shape and eat right.

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