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Liposuction swelling tips

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  1. Hi Mrs Kathleen. I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve had several “lymphatic massages” all of which have been very different from each other. Everyone says they’re licensed. I have a lump right above my belly button and still have bruising along my ribs on both sides. I’m afraid no one has done a decent job with the massages and it may have affected my healing/results. Unfortunately, I live in a small town in OK and no one around here specializes in what I need. Can you give me other options or recommend videos on self massage? Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. HI Kathleen,
    Your page and book have been a lifesaver! I ordered and used the kidney shaped komprex on some areas of swelling in my abdomen (I am 3 weeks post lipo) and the area definitely improved but it caused the fluid to form in a different area outside of the komprex. How long should I wear the komprex a day? I didn't see that in your book.

    Thanks for all your help!!

  3. Could you please refer someone in austin texas. Also I have alot of fluid and I do get massages. What would u recommend for me. I'm 7 days post OP lipo 360 bbl

  4. Do you mind if I can ask how long do I have to wear foam all around my waist for how long? And When I switch to ab board, do I have to wear it with foam around my waist ? How long do I have to wear ab board ? Thank you so much

  5. I had a lipo surgery 6 months ago. My stomach has extreme fibrosis and when I massage it gets bigger. It’s in fact bigger than before the procedure- can you please tell me what I can do to minimize the fibrosis? Should I use a board? Thanks in advance I feel like I’m losing time

  6. The foam pieces that you use for isolated fibrotic swollen patches what ate the called and do you tape them in place. I have been massaging the pubic lymph nodes and elevating my legs is there anything else I can do to alleviate the heavy swollen feeling in legs. I have had ultra sound and lymphatic drainage massage once already and going back in another week

  7. Thank you for the video. I’m having 360 lipo in Jan2020 can you please refer me to someone in all 3 areas DC, Maryland and Virginia and I can try all 3 and see who best fits my needs. Thank you

  8. Thank you for making the video. Talking about liposuction is still so taboo…so many ppl do it, but no one brings it up, especially the not so great parts.

  9. Hello. Im 3 months tt, mr, lipo, 360 body lift and brachioplasty. My surgeon required 6 weeks of compression garment. Never mentioned ab board or massage. Is it too late for an ab board and/or faja?

  10. Do you know of anyone to go to in the Bay Area (East Bay near Walnut Creek) or know how best to find someone who does these types of massages?

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