July 18, 2024


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Loma Lux Acne Pill – Review – Does it Really Work?

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There is a pill which is taking the acne market by storm, but does it really work? Lets find out.

About Acne Pill
Loma lux is a company which makes natural products and acne pill is one of them, taken by thousands of people in America each year. It works by helping your body heal itself and balance the body on the inside. You take the medication orally, once a day. It can be used on adults or teenagers and for any severity of acne. When you buy the acne pill you receive 300 mg tablets, and the bottle contains 100 tablets. The active ingredients are potassium bromide, nickel sulfate and calcium sulfide to name a few. These products have been proven to help eliminate acne. The acne pill bottle should last about a month depending how many tablets you take a day. You should continue to use the tablets until you see results, some may see results the next day and some may see them in 2 months, it is individual and varies from person to person.

No side effects, as it is a homeopathic treatment. Works fast on most people, some people take longer to see the results. Easy to take, you need to take it by chewing, not swallowing whole.

Needs to taken constantly, if you forget the acne could reoccur quite quickly again.
The price is fairly expensive, if you don’t mind paying $30 or more a month for you acne regime then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Can sometimes take a long time to make a difference.

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