September 23, 2023


Get Rid Cellulite


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Silicone Cupping For Cellulite on Stomach Using Cellulite Cupping Therapy and Cheeky Cups

In this video, I show you silicone cupping for cellulite on your stomach. I use this cupping method to help smooth lumps and bumps on my tummy (or mummy tummy as some would call it) (In the video I’m using cheeky cups, a silicone cupping system).

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  6. Hey buddy thank you so much for the great videos about DR. Please share a video about how to loose love handles fat which are safe with diastasis recti

  7. Your videos are really helpful for me….post c sec delivery i have one finger width gap in abs…and I am following your diastasis recti revovery exercises…..they are very helpfull….i am so much worried about about my looks like six month pregnant bellyy…please do a set of exercises to be followed after closing gap to get flat belly

  8. Hi..I'm suffering from diastasis recti and I just discovered some of the great videos you have made for excercises to help cure it. I have a query and hoping I can get your opion on it. Does fast walking like for around 30 mins a day worsen diastasis recti in any way? I have just started doing the exercises you have recommended and I just want to be careful before starting any new activity. Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. I never knew what cupping was until my son was a year old and I got a massage where they did cupping on my shoulders as I hold so much stress there.

  10. I got acupuncture and cupping for my back and he wanted to treat my stomach because he thought a lot of my back pain was connected to my stomach. That was 8 years ago and I haven't gone back, I ended up in hospital and couldn't afford to go back. I've had my stomach massaged twice, I get a fortnightly massage for my back, and it was painful. I'm really insecure about my stomach because its where I carry my weight, always have, and I was constantly told as a child to pull my stomach in. I try and massage it myself a couple of times a week and I feel loads of little lumps and it's really painful! I absolutely will be trying the cupping and hopefully it'll help to shift some of the excess fat which I know that some of it is a build up of toxins. Thanks for this video and I'm looking forward to the rest xxx

  11. Here is a method to help you with your cellulite on your stomach. It's a quick demo. I hope it helps. If you do have cellulite on your stomach..can you describe it for me so I know how to best help you in the future? thank you xox and thank you for watching xox.

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