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PM Narendra Modi turns 70 today: Here’s how he maintains a healthy lifestyle | India News

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is regarded as one of the most influential political leaders across the globe, is celebrating his 70th birthday on Thursday (September 17, 2020). For 70-year-old PM, age is just a number for him since he has been a fitness freak and an ardent believer in the Yogic way of living since his childhood days.

The charismatic leader, who is known for his excellent oratory skills, vision and innovative ideas, has been working assiduously towards empowering the poor and marginalised. India has tremendously benefited from his astute leadership, firm conviction and decisive action.

From fasting, regular morning walks to doing yoga, here are a few things that help him maintain a healthy lifestyle and make him one of the fittest leaders across the world

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Sleeping schedule

It is a known fact that our beloved PM is a hard taskmaster, works round the clock and sleeps for just 4 hours. Yes, it is true, the PM follows a proper sleeping schedule and wakes up by 04:00 AM every morning.


PM Modi, who lives a very disciplined lifestyle, is a known Yoga practitioner. As soon as he wakes up, the first thing he does in the morning is practicing yoga. It would not be incorrect to say that he has played a pivotal role in popularising Yoga throughout the world. At numerous occasions, especially on International Day of Yoga, the PM can be seen practicing various ‘asanas’ of yoga. He has been encouraging Indians, especially youths, to adopt a health lifestyle and imbibe a sense of Indianness in their personality.

Morning Walk

In order to keep himself fit and agile, the Prime Minister, apart from doing some physical exercises, takes a short morning walk every day. 

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Light Breakfast 

PM Modi begins his day with a healthy breakfast which includes mostly poha and ginger tea. PM Modi is a strict vegetarian, so his diet includes fruits and vegetables. He is also very fond of traditional South-Indian Gujarati dishes and relishes on them whenever he gets an opportunity.


PM Modi has always promoted Ayurveda and said that after yoga, the world will accept India’s age-old Ayurveda principles soon. PM Modi has said that the youth will have to take the lead in explaining it to countries scientifically. In an interview, PM had revealed that he treats his cold by drinking hot water and observes a fast as well. Besides, PM Modi has always encouraged the countrymen to rely on time-tested home readies for treating common ailments.

Breathing & Meditation

PM Modi also practices meditation and deep-breathing techniques to make himself stress-free and relaxed. He has also strongly recommended schools students and aspirants of various prestigious exams to follow practices meditation and deep-breathing techniques in order to be stress-free. 


As Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 70 today, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has planned an entire week of celebrations in his honour. The party is undertaking social initiatives across the nation during this week-long event. Since 2014, the BJP has been celebrating PM Modi’s birthday week as ‘seva saptah’. This year, the ‘seva saptah’ starts from September 14 and will continue till September 20. 

As part of this ‘weekly’ celebration, the party will organise tree plantation and blood donation camps in 70 places at every district across the country. For the past one week, BJP workers have engaged themselves in different events including ration distribution amongst the needy, organising blood donation camps and eye-check up camps.

Several top political leaders, including President Ram Nath Kovid and V-P M Venkaiah Naidu, Home Minister Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, party leaders, several chief ministers, foreign dignitaries and heads of states, leaders have extended their good wishes to PM Modi and prayed for his long and healthy life. 

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