May 23, 2022

Ibsen Martinez

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Smarter Surgeons, Smarter Surgery

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With cosmetic surgery becoming a more accepted, and therefore more widely demanded service, the innovation within it is ramping up as well. More sophisticated technology and techniques are always coming to the forefront, making the procedures easier and safer to perform. As this happens, cosmetic surgery becomes even more widely accepted, and the cycle continues. What some people may not realize is that cosmetic surgery is finding such amazing new ways of performing its hallmark procedures that they no longer hold the risk that their decades past forebears did. One stellar example of this is liposuction-where a decade or two ago this was a fairly invasive procedure with a debilitating recovery time (sometimes as long as a couple of weeks), cosmetic surgeons have found a relatively quick and easy way to perform this procedure.

The new name of the game is called Smartlipo, and instead of lots of hacking and slashing at your mid-section, it requires only a very small incision. It also carries less side-effect risks as some people will find that they don’t even need a local anesthetic because it is so comparatively painless. The procedure involves making a small incision into the skin near the top layer of fat. The surgeon will then insert a probe with a laser filament at the top of it that will heat the fat up to its melting point where it can easily be suctioned out. While having hat fat inside of your body may sound extremely uncomfortable, compared to conventional liposuction it’s a walk in the park. Cosmetic surgeons in the Chicago area adopted Smartlipo a few years ago, and many of them agree that it is extremely advantageous in terms of comfort both during and after the procedure. Where conventional liposuction could waylay a patient with excruciating pain for up to a couple of weeks, the recovery from laser liposuction can be over in as little as one day. The consequences of this are extremely relevant-after just undergoing surgery that many insurances will refuse to cover due to its cosmetic nature, being able to get right back to work afterwards is a huge plus. Furthermore, the side-effects on your body are far less traumatic. Where traditional liposuction can lead to unsightly bruises and scars, Smartlipo recovery involves merely some residual redness and perhaps a day or so of mild discomfort that can easily be managed with pain meds.

Smartlipo’s advantages far outweigh its negatives; while some surgeons may doubt its efficacy and recommend traditional liposuction in certain cases, there’s no doubt that its intrusiveness in terms of lifestyle is far lower than its predecessor. If you’re considering lipo of any kind, ask your surgeon what he would think about going with laser instead of traditional. Your wallet, and the pain center of your brain will certainly be much happier.

Source by Brad Staba

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