May 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

The Kinks – Celluloid Heroes (Live)

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32 thoughts on “The Kinks – Celluloid Heroes (Live)

  1. I can not believe how bad directors of old music shows had no clue who was playing what. Dave Davies opens up this with a wonderful rhythm solo and they never showed him. This happened all the time on BBC and American TV. These bands only had 4 members

  2. An exquisite version of a perfect song. Poignant and beautifully performed. I've heard this version hundreds of times now and I've always found it sublime. Ray's vocals and the subtleties in Dave and Jim's performances are nothing short of perfect.

  3. Didn't see the Kinks at this show in Providence, but I did see them a few miles up the road in North Attleboro in nice little community theater, in 1971. Maybe the best concert I've ever been to venue wise.

  4. The Kinks music, love, understanding and honesty of the human condition helped me through a rough period in my life. A song a bout many dead people made me feel alive! God bless them!

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