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Understanding Ultrasonic Liposuction

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Ultrasonic liposuction is a weight loss technique that began in Europe in the early 90s. Here, a surgeon uses sound waves (that are beyond human hearing) to get rid fat cells in the body.

Types of ultrasonic liposuction

There are two main types of this procedure: internal and external ultrasonic liposuction.

In internal liposuction, the surgeon inserts a metal rod into your body through a skin incision and delivers ultrasonic energy directly onto the skin.

On the other hand, external liposuction involves the surgeon delivering ultrasonic energy to the subcutaneous fat cells with the aid of a cannula.

Benefits of the procedure

The procedure brings about fat loss in the so called ‘fibrous areas’. These include: back, hips, male chest, and the abdomen.

According to experts, the procedure brings about increased skin shrinkage. The increased skin shrinkage is mostly witnessed in the abdominal area where plenty of loose skin is present especially after pregnancy or extreme weight loss.

Since the procedure brings about fast skin shrinkage in these areas, it’s most preferred by many people.

There is less bruising and swelling. This is because just a few incisions are made during the procedure. Since just a few incisions are made, you tend to have just a few bruises which heal fast.

Experts say that you can use the procedure to get rid of fat cells in areas where traditional liposuction had already been used. In some cases, you may find that traditional liposuction fails to bring about the desired results.

In such cases, experts say that you can use ultrasonic liposuction to bring about fat loss in the problematic areas.

Risks involved with the procedure

Although, the procedure has the above benefits, it has its fair share of risks. The main risks involved include:

Burns and blisters: although, in rare occasions (when the procedure is done by an unqualified surgeon), burns and blisters may result. The burns and blisters come about when the cannula touches the skin.

Blood clots: since energy is used in getting rid of fat cells, there is the risk of blood clots as the temperature of the blood vessels rises up.

Seroma: seroma is a skin cavity which is usually filled with serum. The cavity is common during the procedure. Although, seroma is not harmful, it brings about discomfort which tends to lower your productivity.

Nerve injuries: during the procedure, it’s common for the surgeon to injure your nerves. Nerve injuries usually result to numbness which can be uncomfortable on your part.

That’s all about ultrasonic liposuction. To ensure that the procedure goes well on your part, you should ensure that it’s done by a qualified surgeon.

Here you need to do plenty of research to determine the reputation of the surgeon. One of the best places to do your research is in the review sites. Here you will see what different people have to say about different surgeons. As rule of thumb you should consider hiring a surgeon with the highest number of positive reviews.

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