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What Is an Alkaline Diet? The Healthy Diet Package

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Alkaline diets are becoming synonymous with the rich and famous. So, what is an alkaline diet? These are dietary plan that alter the chemistry of the body leading to a dramatic loss of body fats, better skin appearance and enhanced energy. Proponents of this dietary plan argue that an alkaline-acid diet has an effect on the pH of the body. They also believe that acidosis or high acid level in the body is the main sole primary cause of all illness that attacks our bodies. However, scientific evidence to support this claim is not available.

The pH value of normal water is neutral. That is to say, it has a pH value of seven. Substances that have pH values above seven are alkaline in nature. Those with pH values less than 7 are acidic. Supporters of the alkaline diets say that, acidic body fluids cause weight gain as well as other health related abnormalities. What is an alkaline diet that balances the body fluid pH? Dietary plan rich in light meat, sugar, processed foods and fresh green vegetables are ideal.

In brief, acidic-alkaline diet is simply the packaging of a healthy diet according to some leading nutritionists and dieticians. The body usually involuntarily regulates its pH level within the range of 7.35 to 7.45. A pH below or above this range is unhealthy. Some people argue that, it is possible to eat unbalanced meal without affecting the body pH. Alkaline diet emphasizes on consumption of vegetables.

However, it is important to consult a medical doctor before commencing this dietary plan. Diabetic individuals who must strictly regulate their body sugar levels ought to be cautious before adversely reducing protein levels in their diets. This is because protein rich diet is important in regulating the blood sugars. High fiber diet is also ideal for those individuals with digestive disorders. A part from eating vegetables, certain fruits and sugar, the individuals planning to uptake the diet should also exercise well. Sadly, it is so difficult to achieve a balanced body pH.

What does an alkaline diet recipes consist of? Some of the foods that make up the diet include navy, green and lima beans, asparagus, onions, carrots, peas, beets, green and red cabbage, garlic, Brussels sprouts, lentils, tofu, cucumbers, olive oil, almond, lettuce, turnips, spinach and flax seed. Some of the foods that need to be eaten in moderation include bananas, fresh water fish, peaches, brown rice, and blue cherries, among others.

Individuals should also avoid acidic foods like eggs, seafood especially the oceanic fish, pork, beef and chicken. In the forbidden list also are dairy products such as cheese and yoghurts, sugar, alcohol, caffeine rich beverages like tea and coffee, peanuts and cashew nuts.

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