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Get Rid Cellulite

The Cellulite Cupping Miracle

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The cellulite cup has gained a lot of popularity over the recent past. Different celebrities have actually been able to test and try it often showing off the marks left behind by the exercise. Cupping is an Asian therapy that is quite ancient aimed at creating some kind of suction so as to improve the flow of blood.

According to different practitioners, this is an exercise that actually helps with depression and muscle pain apart from the cellulite. The trend for cupping has been set by different people who are in the limelight and it has been around since 2004. It is popular, but the million dollar question is; does it actually work?

Its history

As mentioned earlier, this is a very ancient exercise which has been perfected over time. It is actually a kind of acupuncture based on the suction ability of cups. This mobilizes energy and blood within the body. It is a great thing for people under great stress or those that have been through any form of physical trauma such as pulled shoulders and so on. It is possible to have stagnated energy within the body.

Since celebrities use it, many people are wary that it could actually be just a celebrity fad. However, practitioners say it works perfectly well when done correctly. When energy and blood are directed to an area, then the healing process can commence. It can also show some great results if at all you are about to get a cold. This suction aids in stopping the ailment from getting any further within the system.

How it is done

There are different ways in which the cupping can be done. Sometimes it can be done using rubber or glass cup whereby a flame is placed inside so as to heat and create a vacuum. The flame is the removed and the cup is held to the skin for around 3 minutes. Using this method can create some marks that can be pretty alarming, but they are quite temporary and go away within a few days. The method doesn’t hurt either. This is because the cups used in the process pisses rims that are very thick therefore they aren’t heated up.

There are other different forms of cupping using the cellulite vacuum cup set. The forms usually involve the use of a kit and so a flame needs not be used for the same.


Cupping practitioners recommend this process as it helps in lymphatic flow and usually reduces buildup of fluid. Cupping also increases circulation of blood which makes the skin appear a lot healthier and ultimately reducing cellulite. There are others who also claim that cupping actually aids in fertility. Good diet is also required when one is trying out the process.

Cupping in China

In the cupping country or origin China, it is a great part of the mainstream medicine, which many hospital practice for a lot of conditions. The Olympic squad in the country has been spotted from time to time having the marks because it is said to aid in muscular pain.

Source by Heather Jameson

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